Current Exhibition: Painting as Terrain

How can paint be terrain? Clearly it can be used to paint landscape as terrain and thus portray the artist’s subjective view of the world. But it is also, as material in the process of its application, a space for the artist’s mind to find itself. Paint as hard grounded texture, fine washes like a flowing river and layers of paint sprayed on to the canvas can speak, opening in the spectator a space to experience.

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Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

Plastic Footprint: Artwork Statement

With numerous accounts of plastic traces found in the entrails of animals, notably the sea creatures at the bottom of the lowest point of the earth, the Mariana Trench; how much is present in humans alike? Slewing through the gut and digestive system, this material scratches, eeks, slips and skates; its very composition the means to be moulded and contains the means to exhibit adaptability.
This sculpture explores the long and short-term impressions of plastic, along with its moulding ability and outcome on the inner being. Reflecting these themes in a positive way, the sculpture investigates the implications of plastic presence on the psychological, mental and subtler levels. This hand-made construction uses imperfect geometric pyramids to represent the processes and internal meshed hybrid web of hard, slippery space and material scratching around the inners.

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